Why TestRapido

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A fast booking platform for quick antigenic or PCR Covid tests.

An integrated system that allows you to manage users' personal data in complete safety.

A tool that facilitates the pharmacy billing procedure with the health insurance company.

It transmits the test result to the FOPH via an encrypted protocol.

It receives the QR-code certificate from the FOPH and sends it to the user by email.

Positive Covid test data is automatically sent to the FOPH database.

Use TestRapido to manage the booking of the Covid test, the generation of the Swiss Covid Certificate and the automatic compilation of the PCR form.

TestRapido is...

  • A software that can be integrated with the existing management system.

  • An SaaS that saves you time and helps you generate more value.

  • Made by Appybros Sagl - an authorised FOPH System Integrator.

Customisable software

It is possible to adapt the software according to the workflow and integrate it with the pre-existing management system. We can also customise or add additional functions according to your needs.

The Appybros team provides customer support during the software learning phase and assistance service, even in real-time as in the case of a large event.


With one click, Testrapido can generate the form to send the sample to the laboratory, allowing you to save time. If the laboratory has an API available, we can integrate Testrapido directly with the laboratory software for automatic sending of results.

Yes, Testrapido is a flexible software, so we can adapt it to the needs of our customers. We can develop an extra feature that allows you to generate the custom header and automatically send the result of the PCR test.

We have designed our software to be adaptable to individual customer needs with the aim of saving time. Testrapido not only offers standard functions but provides strong customization to be better integrated into the workflow of the pharmacy or test centre.

Our software automatically sends the positive test result to the FOPH. The system provides for the sending of an email notification with the data in .csv format as foreseen and required by current legislation. The operator can also send the data manually with a click.

For negative cases, there is no obligation to send the data within two hours, so a function has been provided that allows you to send all the negative test data of the whole day to the FOPH, with a click.

No, our software sends the patient data over a secure and encrypted line to the FOPH. The FOPH generates the QR-code certificate and it is automatically transmitted to Testrapido who sends it by email to the patient. Appybros, the agency that developed this software, is a System Integrator authorised by the FOPH.

The connection between the end-user and our software is guaranteed by the SSL security protocol. Sensitive data managed by the software is encrypted and resides on servers in Switzerland.


What do those who have already used our software say?

Federico Tamò, pharmacist

Automating processes with Testrapido.ch has not only allowed us to increase our availability and numbers but above all to devote more time and attention to our main activities, further improving the quality of the services and performances we offer.

Pharmacy Tosi, Gravesano

We have been using testrapido.ch in our pharmacy for a few months and we must say that it gives us a great hand in managing the reservations of Covid tampons, saving us time and allowing us to significantly increase our productivity. It is an intuitive and easy to use management software and, on request, it can be adapted to any need of the pharmacy. You should definitely try it!

Alan Lava, Locarno Test Centre

To manage our COVID Test Centre, during the Locarno Film Festival 2021, we needed a fast and complete solution. Appybros created an extremely streamlined, stable and fast web-based solution in just a few days. Very user-friendly and easy to use, it allowed us to complete a large amount of Corona Tests with lean teams. The solution has been integrated with the government platform to issue official QR COVID certificates (in one night!). The system supported us throughout our activity. He's flexible on adaptation requests and reliable on timing. Ed and his team helped us a lot.

Ed Mehran

Founder & CEO

"Appybros nel 2020 ha deciso di accettare la sifda di rendere il Festival di Locarno una manifestazione sicura e covid-free. A seguito del successo del festival abbiamo capito che potevamo aiutare altre realtà con Testrapido. Volevamo creare un prodotto che permettesse a organizzatori di eventi, farmacisti di velocizzare la verifica dei tamponi automatizzando i processi, così che potessero tornare a dedicare più tempo e attenzione alle loro attività principali migliorando ulteriormente la qualità dei servizi e delle prestazioni che propongono".

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